Program Evaluated

Sales Consultant Training

Customer: Chrysler LLC

Program Description:

  • Chrysler Academy designs and deploys Sales Consultant Curriculum (SCC) to over 3,000 US-based dealerships


  • Data was collected from 33,867 sales consultants with 25 percent being wholly trained, 34 percent being partially trained, and 41 percent untrained
  • The study determined if the SCC has impact on
    – Sales volume
    – Sales satisfaction index score
    – Retention of sales consultants


  • The business impact study revealed that sales volume increased by 1.3 new vehicles per month, per consultant, due to training
  • The retention rate for fully trained consultants was 98.9% versus 47.8% for untrained consultants
  • Turnover among new hires was dramatically lowered among the trained consultants vs. those partially trained or untrained
  • Consultants at the largest 40% of dealerships showed the biggest improvements across the metrics
  • Several other criteria pointed out possible optimizations based on region of the country, franchise type, and the prior training and certification history of the consultant