Program Evaluated

Sales Manager Training

Customer: Chrysler LLC

Program Description:

  • Chrysler Academy designs and deploys Sales Management Training (SMT) to over 3,000 US-based dealerships
  • The 2007 the SMT program consisted of foundational training plus two sales management courses designed to help managers improve the sales performance of their dealership


  • Over half of the dealerships were studied where one or more than one manager completed
  • SMT
  • The study measured the impact of SMT on the following dealer-level business metrics
    – Dealership sales volume and gross profit
    – Inventory turn, gross profit per new car and gross productivity
    – Department net retention and dealer SSI


  • The business impact results showed the sales department gross profit was 29% higher for dealerships with a trained manager than those without
  • Dealerships with a manger trained sold 1.48 more cars per month over the prior year, compared to a .01 increase over the same period for dealerships with no trained manager
  • The ROI for dealerships with a trained manager was 5,280%
  • A positive correlation exists between sales manager training and sales consultant retention, resulting in an average size dealership could expect to retain one additional consultant per year