Program Evaluated

Social Learning

Customer: Sun Microsystems

Program Description:

  • Sun was a thought leader in the evolution from “push” learning paradigms (learning 1.0) to a “pull” model (learning 2.0) which embraces a more informal and collaborative approach with user-created content at its core
  • In 2008 Sun Learning Services (SLS) launched a “pull” learning model Social Learning eXchange (SLX)


  • This 10 month study focused on evaluating the business impact of SLX compared to instructor-led and web-based training
  • In this period nearly 11,000 active employees accessed SLX content at least once representing nearly 40 percent of Sun’s workforce


  • During the study period
    3,982 unique SLX titles were created
    21,364 hours of content were viewed
    There were 168,495 views (multiple views per day per user excluded)
  • Comparing development and delivery costs of traditional WBT to those associated with SLX, SLX provided Sun with a benefit-to-cost ratio of 75:1, representing a net benefit of $25.9 million