Program Evaluated

Tuition Assistance

Customer: Mutual of Omaha

Program Description:
Many employees over the years have participated in the company’s Tuition Reimbursement Plan (TRP). Mutual of Omaha intuitively understood that educating their workforce would have inherent benefits, however, they didn’t have proof that TRP was having an impact on corporate performance. Did TRP have an impact on career mobility and retention?


  • Examined the costs and benefits of the program
  • Compared the program participants to the non-participants
  • Five years of data was analyzed for the 693 full-time employees who took advantage of TRP


  • TRP participants experienced 1.5 times more positive job mobility than non-participants
  • TRP participants were more likely to be retained than non-participants

Not only was Mutual of Omaha increasing employees’ skill level, but they were building loyalty and retention, and adding to the long-term strategic value of the organization.