Management Performance is Harmful #4

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Managers are overwhelmed with work. The majority of America’s managers have received no management training, according to a recent study by West Monroe Partners. Among managers who oversee one to two employees, 59% report having no training at all; the same measure stands at 41% among those who oversee three to five workers.

In the hands of an inexperienced or over-tasked manager, a single rushed or haphazard performance review can permanently change the trajectory of an individual’s career and economic opportunity. Implemented in companies that must navigate change at a rapid velocity, these systems are obstacles to agility and alignment, often resulting in positive performance appraisals but poor business outcomes.   

And with no evidence that these performance management practices actually improve individual goal attainment or overall business performance, they may only be viewed as biased, vacuous and ineffective. 

It Doesn’t Have to be This Way

  • Performance should be judged by achievement, not charisma.
  • Feedback should be about goal attainment, not behavioral conformity.
  • Managers are NOT therapists; Workers are NOT children.

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