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Performance Management is Harmful #2 – Gene Pease

Performance Management is Harmful #2

By December 18, 2019 No Comments

Managers cite employee performance appraisal as the task they dislike the most, second only to firing an employee. 

According to Gallup only 14% of employees strongly agree their performance reviews inspire them to improve. And it costs organizations a lot of money — as much as $2.4 to $35 million a year in lost working hours for an organization of 10,000 employees to take part in performance evaluations — with very little to show for it. Traditional performance reviews and approaches to feedback are often so bad that they actually make performance worse about 1/3 of the time. In fact, nearly half of employees say they receive feedback from their manager a few times a year or less.

Performance management conversations should be often and about the work.

  • Performance should be judged by achievement, not charisma.
  • Feedback should be about goal attainment, not behavioral conformity.
  • Managers are not therapists; workers are not children.

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