State-funded Grants for Training

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In this issue, we have guest blogger Emma Gruber from the Incentives Management Group to share ideas on how to offset Learning and Development budgets.

Is Your Budget for Continuous Improvement Too Lean?

You have a reasonable budget for skills training and lean implementation, and yet when you compare it to the business goals that you have set out for the team, it seems insufficient. The budget cycle is over, and it may be too soon to ask for more funding.

While this is a common business challenge for many who manage learning and development in their organization, there is a way to tackle this challenge that most people do not think of. Most don’t seek recourse in this source of assistance because they are not aware of it, and many others believe the process and requirement of unlocking this assistance are daunting.

Various government and local programs are available to all American-owned businesses headquartered in the United States to improve skills of the workers in that state. Each state has its funding plan and opportunities for workforce development. However, if you have five facilities in five states and 150 employees at each site, the likely sum of all five state grants, based upon historical averages, is expected to be around $300,000.  This can buy a lot of outside assistance to improve and implement incremental training including kaizen events.

State-funded grants require an application for approval before training starts, and then organizations will have to produce proof of training to get their costs reimbursed.

Here are the top three costs that training grants offset:

  1. External trainer fees
  2. Internal trainer wages
  3. Books, materials, supplies

In the application process, you state the courses of training, the methods of delivery, total hours required for each session, trainer costs, trainee wage costs and costs for books, materials, supplies and lastly the qualifications of the trainers.

To know more about this program, call Marty Abbott, President of The IM Group to discuss a project today at 203-256-9406.

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