Transparency vs. Privacy: Can you have both?

By March 27, 2018 No Comments

Have you ever wondered how your employees might be viewing people analytics projects in your organization? Do you know that one of the most significant challenges in project implementation is the perception that it seeks to derive information for using it against employee development, not for it? Is it possible to address the insecurities around performance management and use the data to transform HR operations? While the world of People Analytics opens up a world of possibilities, it tends to be perceived as an invasive, menacing tool by employees. Especially in areas dealing with the use of employee data that deal with categories of age, tenure, gender, race, performance, background, test scores, and other such sensitive information.

When it comes to people analytics, many well-meaning goals have often been cast aside because they seem to conflict with employee’s right to privacy. An article in The Guardian highlights the number of ways connecting the dots between a person’s work life and personal life can lead to an uncomfortable territory. Most HR leaders who are convinced about the advantages of implementing a people analytics project are worried about making bad decisions that negatively impact employee trust. However, the value of applying people analytics can far outweigh the odds. As the HR function is finally able to put real insight about people into the hands of the organization to execute strategies that generate business value through talent outcomes, the debate about Transparency vs. Privacy becomes even more crucial as we move to a new era of data and analytics.

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